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The right ambience in a room

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating the right ambience in a room. It has the power to make you feel happy and relaxed or dull and gloomy, depending on the type, design and placement. Lighting can have a biological and physical impact on the people in a room and hence, is an essential feature in all residential and commercial interior spaces.

Regardless of the purpose, lighting in any building relies heavily on design – The design of the lighting placement, the source of light, and efficient smart lighting controls. From making a room look spacious and inviting, creating depth, height, and cosy spots, and drawing attention to focus points or areas, good lighting can work wonders for any indoor or outdoor space and make it more beautiful.

Home Lighting Systems

The ambiance of a room to suit your mood.
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Commercial Lighting

Lighting to assist functionality of a building.
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Lighting Control Systems

Reduce energy consumption in buildings.
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Automated Lighting

Varying use of lit space over time.
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Energy Management

Eco Lighting designs has become a mainstay.
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Occupancy Lighting

Lighting up a specific area only when required.
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Bespoke Smart Lighting Solutions

Modern homes and offices need modern lighting technologies and designs. The traditional on/off switches, while effective, are outdated and unwanted in homes and offices that rely on automation and smart home solutions.

With contemporary smart lighting solutions, the possibilities are far-ranging. Whether it is setting the lights and shades to turn on/off at regular intervals, integrating outdoor and indoor lights with alarms that flash upon being triggered, or controlling all the lights in your building with a touch of a button on your phone, smart lighting systems can help you enjoy convenience like never before.

Based on the requirements of your home or office, you can choose the most suitable features.

How Can Decorum Help

Decorum is your one-stop shop for all things smart lighting and control, based in Leicestershire. We can offer an end-to-end package that includes designing, installation, and commissioning of intelligent lighting solutions for residential and commercial projects.

Our smart lighting experts can program your keypads to set mood lighting, integrate your lighting system with the security system for enhanced protection, and enable remote monitoring and control of your lights to help you save energy, money, and time.

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