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Occupancy Lighting

Motion Sensors Operated Lighting

Motion sensor lights are becoming increasingly common in residential as well as commercial properties. And for good reason. They allow residents and business owners to enjoy additional cost-saving and convenience of having lights that switch off and on upon detecting a presence. While they are practical in both, commercial as well as residential properties, motion sensor or occupancy lighting systems are particularly significant in commercial premises. It’s because they are far-reaching, can deter intruders, and help keep employees and residents safe in the dark.

The most common and efficient motion sensor LED lights have built-in PIR sensors that detect heat and movement. When a person enters the sensor range, the PIR motion sensor light automatically receives and senses the infrared wave emitted by the individual, and the light is turned on. When the person moves out of the sensor range, the infrared waves are no longer received, and the lights go off automatically.

Why Should You Install Occupancy Lighting

Occupancy Lighting works on a simple philosophy. If a specific area does not require lighting at a given time then that lighting will automatically turn off. It uses extremely sensitive PIR motion sensors that can detect the slightest movement within a specific area. If no motion is detected then the lighting will automatically turn off after a predetermined time limit. When motion is detected, the same lighting will automatically turn on. The result – great cost saving to your business! Whether you want to increase the security in your home or create a cosy space for entertaining in the evening, there is a whole range of occupancy lighting solutions to meet all your needs.

Why Choose Decorum

At Decorum, we have considerable experience designing, installing, and commissioning occupancy lighting systems and PIR motion sensor lights in many commercial buildings across different sectors. Two of the key philosophies at Decorum is introducing energy control savings and reducing the impact of traditional lighting systems on the environment. And installing occupancy lighting is one of the simplest, most cost-effective ways of fulfilling these goals. 

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