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Home Lighting Systems

Improve the ambience of a room

Lighting is often overlooked by homeowners when renovating their homes or building a new property. However, a good lighting design and the system can make all the difference in setting and improving the ambience of a room.

A clever home lighting system is an integral element of a smart home system and is essential where automation is integrated into every aspect of the house. From highlighting special features and focus areas to adding warmth and creating a desirable atmosphere, modern home lighting technologies can do so much more than just illuminate a room. It offers you a great opportunity to subtly change the ambience of your room to match your mood at any given time of the day. 

What about creating multiple lighting scenes for each room in the home? You can even use smart mood lighting to transform your bedroom to assist ‘sleep’. Yes, even enjoy the calming benefits of mood lighting at night.

Bespoke Smart Home Lighting Solutions

Regardless of the size of a house, the luxury to change the aura of a room to suit your senses, the seasons, or special occasions, with just a touch of a button, is likely to be enjoyed and appreciated by all homeowners. Moreover, these smart home lighting solutions also allow you to program them to change at predetermined times and even allow you to control them remotely.

Hence, giving you much better convenience and peace of mind than traditional lighting systems. Based on your requirements and preferences, you have a choice to create multiple lighting scenes for each room in the house and use smart mood lighting to transform your bedroom to assist in falling asleep quickly.

Why Choose Decorum

Decorum is the only smart home lighting solutions provider in Leicestershire that can help with the efficient designing, installation, configuration, and maintenance of your equipment. We can help create and design smart indoor and outdoor lighting solutions and strip lighting solutions for your home.

The choice of lighting fittings is endless! Our role is to help you control and programme that lighting, so you get the best out of it. We can also help you utilise the power of an intelligent lighting system to assist with the security of the home and as an energy-saving solution.ar

Residential Installations functionality

From lighting designs to installation and programming, we can provide a lighting solution tailored to your needs.