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Energy Management

Economy Lighting Solutions

Reducing electricity and energy consumption has become essential for combating climate change. One of the best ways of ensuring that a home or commercial building consumes less electricity and energy is by installing innovative eco lighting solutions. Energy-efficient lighting solutions require less energy to produce a strong light and hence, are very useful in reducing harmful carbon emissions.

Many of these eco lighting options are also very long-lasting and ideal for improved energy management in residential and commercial spaces. Ultimately, energy-efficient lighting is highly cost-effective as it helps business owners and homeowners save money on replacements and energy costs in the long run.

Bespoke Energy Efficient Solutions

Regardless of the size of a house or building, installing eco lighting is the best way to reduce the impact on the environment and ensure better energy management. As long as these energy-efficient lights meet the required guidelines, they are ideal and safe to install in all buildings.

Businesses can choose the design and technology that most suits their requirements and budget and have an eco-lighting specialist install them on their premises for optimal results. 

Why Choose Decorum for Eco Lighting

Decorum is a leading eco-lighting and energy management specialists in Leicestershire that can provide the best solutions and services to businesses. Efficient energy management through eco lighting design and installation has become a mainstay of our lighting design philosophy. We have completed eco lighting projects for premiership football stadiums and major retail outlets and are proud to be the preferred supplier to many other large contracting companies. Our eco lighting solutions are produced with the latest software to ensure that the lighting layouts are optimised to meet the requirements of CIBSE ‘Lighting Guidelines’ and provide maximum efficiency.

We can provide a free survey of your existing lighting system, whether it is in a warehouse, factory, or office building, and discuss how best we can help you to save energy by:

Our experienced team can ensure there is minimal downtime and a smooth changeover of systems. All Decorum eco lighting solutions incorporate high-quality energy-efficient light fittings and are chosen based on Part L Building Regulations. All installations are Part L compliant and carried out by fully qualified electricians. Our services also include completing fix cabling and the full installation of the energy management system and lighting equipment, its commissioning and ongoing maintenance.

Find out more or request a FREE, no obligation survey to assess how we can assist in saving you on your lighting bills.