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Automated Lighting

Make the most of available daylight

Automated lighting plays a crucial role in saving energy and providing added security in commercial buildings. As more and more businesses are looking for ways to go green, the need for smart automated lighting systems that can reduce energy consumption and help businesses save money has dramatically increased.

Commercial automated lights offer a convenient and cost-effective way to control the brightness and ambience in a room and make it suitable for different occasions. They allow remote monitoring and offer complete control over the entire lighting system in the building.

Lighting solutions that reduce carbon emissions and help businesses save money are the future of commercial lighting. 

Why Choose Automated Lighting Systems for Commercial Buildings

Automated lighting plays a significant role in energy management while providing a safe environment to users in commercial buildings. With a range of detectors and light controls, they help companies reduce energy wastage and costs, and keep the building illuminated at specific times to provide maximum safety to employees and customers.

Users can make the most of the available daylight and reduce the number of times lights are left on, in commercial places by installing automated lighting systems. From offering convenience, comfort, ambience, and flexibility, to meeting regulation requirements, saving energy costs, and cutting down the carbon footprint, these smart commercial lighting systems check all the boxes of an intelligent and efficient lighting system.

Automated lighting in a nutshell

  • Energy saving – on only when needed.
  • Energy management – Light level controls utilising natural daylight.
  • Cost saving installation – switching and control on inexpensive data cabling.
  • Remote Access control for offsite monitoring and control.
  • Programmed to set parameters or automatic sensor operation.
  • Use only the light you need in the areas you need it.
  • It can be retrofitted or included at new build stage.
  • Most equipment is networked using low cost data cabling.
  • Controls can be centrally located.
  • A main control at one desk could control a whole office block, stadium or factory.
  • Individual circuits or whole buildings can be operated from one switch.

How Can Decorum Help

Decorum can provide the best commercial automated lighting systems to businesses in Leicestershire and the East Midlands.

Our lighting solutions are programmed to set parameters or automatic sensor operation. We can easily develop and modify these solutions and install and reconfigure them to meet the changing needs of your building.

Request a Free, no obligation survey to find how automated lighting can help your business, or how we can assess your lighting needs.