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Boardroom AV Solutions

Interact, Discuss And Share Ideas

Modern businesses need tools and solutions that allow quick and easy access to vital information and smooth, hassle-free communication. For this purpose, every institution or commercial building includes at least one dedicated meeting room or boardroom where the team can interact, discuss and share ideas that can drive the company forward. And boardroom AV solutions are used to meet all the demands related to presentations and communication within the organisation.

Boardroom audio and video systems can facilitate communication and expression, help in critical decision making, save money, and enhance relationships and improve collaboration between team members. The boardroom is one of the most essential rooms on your premises and deserves to have an advanced AV system that can offer the best features and deliver optimal performance. 

We provide services in the following areas:

  • Leicestershire
  • Nottinghamshire
  • Derbyshire
  • Northamptonshire
  • Birmingham
  • Coventry
  • Warwickshire

Features & Applications of Boardroom AV Systems

AV systems are highly versatile and can be used in boardrooms and many other areas within a commercial building. Some of the areas where they are most commonly installed include:

Each of these rooms may have specific requirements which can be fulfilled with an advanced AV system installation, such as:

Why Choose Decorum

Decorum is one of the most experienced and reliable boardroom AV and office audio/video solutions specialists in Leicestershire. We have considerable experience working alongside other design professionals within the commercial environment and can ensure that the reception solutions, training room audio, boardroom lighting and all other kinds of commercial AV solutions we design, are integrated into your system, and installed as per your requirements.

We can provide design expertise, equipment supply, installation and commissioning and regular maintenance of all equipment. Our range of services also includes distribution of cabling from the source.

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