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Smart Home


Ultimate home automation solution

Lutron RA2 offers the best in retrofit home automation solution by making the products and systems you already have and use everyday, work together.

Enjoy personalised smart lighting and blind control for any home, any budget. Staying in control of your home, even when you’re not there.

The RA2 Select main repeater lets you control your lights and blinds on your smartphone or tablet, from anywhere in the world using the free Lutron App.

With over two decades of experience in the Home Automation industry, we can provide a tailored solution to cater for your current needs whilst keeping an eye on tomorrow’s technology.

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Convert your home into Smart Home with Lutron

Lutron’s patented Clear Connect RF technology sets the bar for reliability. You can trust your system will work with precision and accuracy, free from interference with other frequency bands, every time you use it. Lutron RA2 Select components come together in a variety of options to accommodate any space.


Add personalised scenes to control multiple lights and blinds together at the touch of a button. Create a “movie” scene that dims lights and lowers blinds as the movie begins. Or create a “goodnight” scene that turns off all your lights and closes blinds before you drift off to sleep.


Schedule lights and blinds to adjust automatically at set times of day. Turn on your porch light at sunset and turn it off at sunrise. Turn lights on to a soft level and slightly raise blinds every morning as you head into the kitchen for coffee.

Expand your smart home system
RA2 Select works with smart home solutions from other best-in-class brands, for voice, audio, temperature control, and more.


The geofencing feature controls lights based on your location. Maybe you always leave the entryway lights on as you head out the door in the morning? Geofencing will turn them off for you once you’re out the door. It can also turn lights on for you when you come home.

Look like you’re home, even when you’re not.

The Smart Away feature randomly turns lights on and off during the evening when you’re not home. You can manually trigger this feature in the app at your convenience or automatically trigger it if geofencing is turned on.

Control from anywhere

Control lights, blinds and temperature in the comfort of your home or from anywhere in the world – the office, the airport, the beach – so lights aren’t left on or blinds aren’t left open when you’re away.

How Can Decorum Help

Decorum is an authorised Lutron dealer with over two decades of experience in the home automation industry. Over the years, we have helped design, install, and configure automation in residential properties across Leicestershire and East Midlands. We can provide a tailored solution to cater for your current needs whilst keeping an eye on tomorrow’s technology.

At Decorum, we understand the way to create a modern and intuitive home and use this knowledge and expertise to give you the ultimate smart home experience. This intelligent home system creates personalised experiences that enhance your life and provide added comfort, savings, convenience, and peace of mind.

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