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Access Control

Keyless Entry Systems

No modern living space or commercial building is complete without a safe and secure access control system. As more and more homeowners and business owners are opting for keyless entry systems, the demand for advanced access control solutions has increased dramatically.

Business premises, in particular, need a secure method of access control to make it a safe place to work for the employees and customers and protect all the assets. Modern home and commercial access solutions use credentials such as codes, fob keys, key cards, or biometrics to provide convenient and quick access to authorised people. They also record and monitor the movement of employees and activity around the access control points. 

Why Do You Need Access Control Systems

Access control systems play a vital role in enhancing the overall security of your property and work seamlessly with other security systems to give you an exceptional smart home experience. Whether it’s your home or commercial building, you always want your family or staff to remain safe within the premises.

Access control solutions can make that happen by restricting the entry of unwanted visitors. They can also secure access to certain areas or rooms which contain important assets or equipment. Moreover, modern home and commercial security solutions also offer owners complete control over who enters their premises, regardless of whether they have accreditations or not. And this control can be extended to any area within a house or workplace. 

Keyless Solutions

How Can Decorum Help

Security starts with well-designed commercial and home security solutions. Decorum offers a wide range of access control solutions based on the type of control you wish to exercise. Based on your business requirements, access security may also be required through enhanced internal security control. You can consider the following options:

We can also offer a full range of internal security solutions based on the type of control you require and integrate them with existing devices in your home. These can be provided with a variety of mounting controls best suited to your internal décor.

If you require more information or a site visit to discuss our range of Security Systems or CCTV options available.