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Case Studies

Markfield Cinema

Clients Brief

To provide a cinema room solution in an unused summer house.

Budget & Time Scale

Home cinema to £40k. Eight weeks.

Services Required

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Programming
  • Commissioning
  • Manuals
  • Training
  • Support

Key Requirements

  • To provide a new lease of life for an unused building.
  • Create a family environment for shared events.
  • Home cinema performance video and audio.
  • Lighting control for mood lighting and colour change.
  • Building works to convert the summer house.
  • Insulate and provide heating and cooling for the perfect space.
  • Integrate a fridge for snack time !


  • Ease of use for the users.
  • Smooth functionality.
  • Wow factor.

The Solutions

  • Install a Control4 Interface for AV equipment and lighting via iPad control.
  • The room was expanded and renovated to accommodate the maximum space.
  • The Cinema system was housed in bespoke cabinetry to be hidden away
Seating was tiered with electric cinema reclining chairs for maximum comfort.
  • Carpets and décor where matched to the clients requests.

Future Considerations

AV Network cable added for expansion and upgrade options, plus connection to the main house for inclusion in future works.


“We haven’t spent so much time with the kids in years” , “ It has brought us together in a way we never expected, we love the Cinema. What a great decision to do this.”