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CCTV & Security Systems

A WELL-DESIGNED and CONSIDERED CCTV and Security system can help to deter thieves and protect against anti-social behaviour, vandalism, and burglary.

CCTV cameras have undergone a dramatic evolution, thanks to the advance in technology. Intelligent home automation and advanced CCTV security systems now allow us to monitor, control, and secure all areas of our commercial or residential properties. Such that homeowners can now enjoy an interactive experience while monitoring their home from anywhere in the world.

From deterring thieves and allowing access to family and friends, to live streaming the inside of your property on your phone, CCTV and smart home security systems allow you to keep a close eye on the outside and inside of your house and perform multiple functions remotely. Regardless of where you live, achieving peace of mind about your home being secure is something that we all strive for. And only a well-designed CCTV and Security system can help realise this.

Bespoke CCTV Smart Home Security

Every property has its own set of security risks and requirements. Hence, our CCTV experts at Decorum take time to survey your property, understand your needs, and then design solutions using the best security technology, to suit these requirements.

Our bespoke CCTV home security systems are unlike any other in the market and can provide complete protection to your home. We first listen to your specific requirements, then use our considerable experience in this field to determine where and which CCTV security system is best suited to your needs and budget.

How Can Decorum Help

As one of the leading home automation specialists in Leicestershire, Decorum can offer a wide range of CCTV devices and security systems and provide efficient design and installation services.

Our team recognises that reliability is the critical factor. Hence, we do not take chances on the equipment. We only use the best equipment for your project, which is carefully chosen after considering all the essential aspects at the design and installation stage.

Decorum CCTV and Security Systems are part of our home automation range of security packages. We can link up the CCTV system with other devices in your home so you can select, control and watch your property live from an internet source at home on the TV or remotely using portable devices such as your phone, PC, or tablet.

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