Home Cinema Systems

Home theatres and home cinema systems have gained widespread popularity in the last few years. Thanks to the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, more and more people are choosing to convert their spare rooms or unused garages and basements into extravagant home cinemas that offer the most immersive movie-watching experience in the comfort of your home.

From exceptional picture quality to excellent sound quality, it is now possible to ensure that your home cinema provides the ultimate movie-watching experience. And all of this is made possible by technology. The best bit is, it is easier and more affordable than ever to install a cinema in your home. All you need is the right equipment and the most reliable home cinema specialists like Decorum, to make your dream a reality.

Bespoke Home Cinema Designs & Tech

The difference between a good home cinema and a spectacular one is the home cinema products that are used. From ultra HD screens and projectors to amplifiers, speakers, sub-woofers, lighting and VR tech, there is no limit to the types of equipment you can use in your home cinema.

Based on your usage, you can choose to have home cinema tech that enhances the sports and movie-watching and experience or fulfils all the gaming requirements. Regardless of how you intend to use your home cinema, you can choose the suitable décor and programmable controls for your equipment for an optimal experience.

How Can Decorum Help

Decorum is your go-to specialist for all things home cinema technology. We have designed, installed, and built some of the most stunning home cinema systems and rooms across the East Midlands and Leicestershire, and can help create a dream space for you, based on your requirements and desires.

No matter the budget you have to work with, please do contact us for impartial advice.