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Home Cinema


Ideal Home Cinema

Design is everything when it comes to an ideal home cinema. In recent years, media rooms and home cinemas have become the ultimate source of entertainment for us. It is why we need them to be designed exactly as we desire!

Whether it is something as straightforward as installing a home theatre system in your living room or something as elaborate as converting your basement or garage into a dedicated home cinema room, each needs to be designed perfectly to give the best viewing experience.

From watching movies and streaming TV shows to playing your favourite games, the right cinema room design must support and enhance all your entertainment experiences. 

Convert your garage or attic into your home cinema room

Want a high-end entertainment system but unsure about the available space in your home?
Modular design and installation of home cinema systems ensure that a cinema system can be tailored to your needs, room type and room size. Regardless of whether it’s a living room, a small basement room or a large multi-purpose attic room, it is possible to achieve the perfect audiovisual experience through intelligent choice, engineering, and installation of home cinema components. Looking to convert your garage into a home cinema room? We offer the full turnkey solution from initial consultation and design to building works and custom installation.

Bespoke Home Cinema Designs

A home cinema is one of the most convenient and immersive ways of enjoying all your favourite movies, TV shows, and games from the comfort of your house. All you need is high-quality equipment and matching décor to get a home cinema that is straight out of your imagination. One of the best things about home cinema installations today is that they can be done in any room or space within your house.

You have the choice to build an extension and create a large dedicated home cinema space, convert a spare room, garage, or basement into a home cinema room, or simply turn your living room into a home theatre by installing the appropriate equipment. The possibilities are limitless!

How Can Decorum Help

Decorum offers one of the most reliable and efficient home cinema design and installation services in Leicestershire. We have a full range of ideas for smaller, medium, and dedicated home cinema rooms, based on our experience, expertise and know-how on all things sound and vision.

 We offer a full turnkey solution and can also convert your garage, attic, or basement into a home cinema room.

We specialise in transforming any room in your house into perfect venues (man cave or she shed!) for watching films and TV, gaming and music.


What you may see as a lack of space, we see as an opportunity to provide a spectacular cinematic experience that does not rely on a big empty room. We will not compromise on the installation and quality of service we provide, regardless of the size of the room. We have many ideas for smaller home cinema rooms. As preferred designers, suppliers, and installers of integrated home cinema solutions, we can turn the smallest of rooms into a seamlessly-installed microcinema with maximum sound quality and blistering visual effects. With just a touch of a button, a small, inconspicuous space can be transformed to provide you with unrivalled cinematic bliss which you can just sit back and enjoy.

Example budget range for a small home cinema
£4,500 – £8,500 Plus VAT


Want to transform your living room? We can design your home cinema system around your existing living space. With a medium home cinema room, we can help you create the kind of space where you can have brilliant events in your home without the need for a dedicated cinema room. Invite your friends for a superior cinematic experience. This room will be perfect for parties and make you the envy of everyone on your street during the next big boxing match. Perfect for those amazing sporting events, gaming, music, and blockbuster movie nights with the family. With 4K HD projection, lighting control and blind control all at the touch of a button, let us install a system that will control cinema lights and blinds with unrivalled surround sound technology.

Example budget range for a medium home cinema
£10,500 – £15,000 Plus VAT


Looking for a more authentic finish? Why not transform a whole room into your cinema. Take your pick from customised cinema seating for maximum comfort, acoustic treatments for optimum audio, and unique lighting solutions to deliver spectacular effects and atmosphere as you sit back and enjoy your favourite films and television shows.

Example budget range for a dedicated home cinema
£18,500 – Upwards Plus VAT