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Commercial Audio

Audio at the right level and quality

A good commercial audio system can completely transform an ordinary and dull workplace! It also plays a vital role in creating a functional and efficient business environment conducive to better performance and reputation.

Businesses with high-quality commercial audio systems have much better communication and ambience than those without one.

Whether it is giving presentations, holding large meetings, or sending out a message to the entire company at once, a commercial AV system is useful in many business functions. And if your workplace requires a specific kind of ambience, the audio system will play an essential part in achieving it. 

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Bespoke Commercial Audio Systems

Every workplace is different, with different requirements and expectations from their audio systems. Fortunately, business owners have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to AV systems. Whether you have a commercial office, a shop, restaurant, a club, or something else, we can install bespoke audio systems for all professional environments. 

Business areas where have installed background audio solutions include:

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How Can Decorum Help

As leading commercial audio systems installers in the East Midlands and Leicestershire, we have worked with a variety of businesses on a range of projects which included designing, installing, and maintaining Commercial Sound Systems and Public Address (PA) systems. The most critical factor for all these projects has been to install appropriate systems that deliver the audio at just the right level and quality every time.

We ensure that the commercial audio systems enhance the environment they are used in and provide an exceptional experience to the listeners. We also make sure that the AV system is trouble-free and is provided with a control system that is easy to use. Decorum offers a full AV System experience, along with design expertise, equipment supply, installation and commissioning and ongoing maintenance of all equipment. Our range of services also includes distribution of cabling from the source.

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